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So while both my partner and I have been extremely lucky so far in that most of the big baby items we need, we have been able to get from friends and relatives, as we get down to within the final 70 days ( can you believe 68 days till EDD?), there are still bits and pieces that we will need before the big day arrives.

So together with the help of a number of baby sites ( mostly tried to stick with Aussie sites), I have put together a list i what I and these other baby sites have decided we still need to get. The purpose of this list is not only so i can keep track of what I still need and mark off as I receive but this can also be used as the list for anyone looking to buy stuff for the baby ( i.e. for baby shower or if people are feeling generous :P).

So The basic part of the list is just the generic item i.e. change table, cot set, bath then today I have also gone to my local shopping centre to all the shops that sell baby items and taken prices for specific items so people have a ball park figure of what each item might cost as well as some idea of things i liked the look of and also slighly more frivolous items that I though were cute or cool and should list. You may (or may not ) notice i have a bit of a Winnie the Pooh fetish so many items do feature Winnie or his friends :)

I will continue to add specific items and photos where possible as I check out a few more baby shops and experienced mothers, if you see something that is not on the list that you think should be, please let me know :)

Now with further ado, the list )
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So its been a chilled out but pretty productive day for me so far today. Given it was going to be over 30 degrees and my house is not air conditioned, I decided that the best thing to do would be to head out for the day. However I didn't want to go too far because i get drained and exhausted far more easily these days. Also I wanted to spend the day doing some blogging and some shopping in a more pregnant friendly environment than my non air conditioned house.

So did some reading this morning. Already on my third book for the year and its only the 2nd of January :). Then headed to my local shopping centre for coffee and a muffin and some down time reading twitter, facebook and catching up on what is happening in the blogging world.

Next came the really productive phase of my day. I have put together a list of all the baby things i ( and various baby sites) have decided I still need to get before Elizabeth is born and so I went through all the shops in the shopping centre that sell baby items, looking for the various things on my list and checking out brands and prices. I took photos of items as well as the price and the plan is to put it together into one big list that i can refer to of things I still need but that can also be referred to by by people before my baby shower which a coupe of friends will be organising for me in the next month or so. I am going to try to make it asd comprehensive as possible but more info on this will be found later at ( or potentially cross posted here :P)

After a couple of hours of trawling the shops, I am well on the way to creating my list and so headed back to the food court to have some lunch and spend the afternoon doing some blogging and updating of sites. Hence why i am actually posting here today for the first time in... well a long while...

While yes it is somewhat noisy here in the food court, the temperature is not too bad, I have my ipad and my keyboard so I can type at a reasonable speed and hopefully only have minimal typos and given I don't specifically have to be anywhere today i can just relax and take my time and continue trying to be productive.

I do have one rant for the day however. I swear earlier in the year when i was buying ebooks for my ipad on my kindle app ( which is aust region only, I was paying $7-$9 and generally getting e-books cheaper than buying them here or even ordering via book depository.

Since buying my kindle, I have been shocked to find that most books i am interested in buying on the kindle are not only more expensive than ordering from book depository (both US & UK sites) but basically in line with regular book prices here. It is more than a little frustrating so now for the two books i wanted to buy today, the question is do i buy the paperback versions with the nice covers from book depository or order on my kindle which will be quicker but more expensive at the end of the day?


Apr. 27th, 2011 09:56 pm
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I went to the Filex health and fitness exhibition, convention and super workshop the weekend before Easter and did took some extremely interesting, sessions, lectures, workshops and classes.

One of the sessions I went to was a lecture called "writing for marketing and communication" which was taken by Amelia Burton, a qualified Pt, blogger, writer and who looks after Michelle Bridges 12wbt Facebook and twitter accounts.

The session itself was aimed at Personal trainers and giving them ways that writing can further their business such as:
blogging - writing articles recommending latest trends, new or old fitness ideas and anything else of interest in the field of health and fitness, reading, commenting and linking to/ on other blogs
Social media - Facebook and twitter
Search engine optimization & geolocations - ways of maximizing the chances that your Pt business might pop up first in a google search

It was really interesting and while aimed more specifically at personal trainers, me (not being a qualified personal trainer... Yet) saw other avenues that the learning could be applied.

The idea that captivated me the most was the idea of writing a blog.

Now as I mentioned before, I am not currently a personal trainer so may not necessarily be qualified to write about some topics but still the idea of writing a blog called to me. After I all I have been journaling for years now, back in 2000 in the days of live journal as an early adopter, before that with pen and paper and the book you hid under the bed so your siblings didn't get hold of it and read about how you absolutely loved that cute guy in the grade above and tell them at lunch time the following day. So blogging shouldn't be so hard should it?

Except for a couple of key things:

1. Actually writing a concise article that talks about a subject concisely and to the point without repeating words like concise. Not the combination of verbal diarrhea and shiny tangents that my journaling usually involves.

2. Actually having an opinion. I am a Virgo on the libra cusp so I am usually diplomatic, noncommittal, able to see both sides. When people asked about a boom or movie, my answers are usually along the lines of "yeah it was okay" " it wasn't too bad" "I didn't mind it". I'm thinking that no one really wants to read a review of a book or product where it is described as not too bad or okay with no real elaboration. People want to know that something is brilliant or terrible, they want to know why it is brilliant, what makes it so terrible. In short, a clear unequivocal view one way or the other.

Of course there is something to be said for being objective but generally people want subjectivity in blogging. They don't necessarily have to agree with your opinion but they do want to know you have one.

3. Being brave enough to actually share your opinion with the world. This is the big one. For many people, its like "So what, this is what I think and this is why" and they are quite happy to spend the next 10-20 minutes telling you exactly why they feel that way. I know people exactly like that and that's great.

But me, I'm the virgo with a libran cusp remember, I like diplomacy and seeing both sides and keeping everyone happy. If I share an opinion, then someone might disagree, and there would be conflict and conflict is bad or at least it is to me. Even writing the lines above about people wanting you to have an opinion, I could see potential comments coming back saying, "No they don't. People want objectivity and lots of it. People are ok with okay and don't mind it"

This is the biggest thing for me I think. Not only actually having an opinion about something but being able to share it not be afraid to run the risk that someone may disagree completely and then share that opinion with me.

I guess it is something to work on

Anyhew so I am thinking about starting 2 blogs:

One about books and reading as I much of my life is dedicated to these pursuits and one about my health and fitness journey as I have joined Michelle Bridges 12 week body transforation program tonight so I am thinking I can chronicle this journey.

What do you think?
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A quick, mostly wingeing type post this morning so I apologise in advance :-)

Getting up this morning was damn near impossible. Having been on holidays since last Tuesday, in those 8 days I think my average wake up time has been about 8:30/9 am so getting up at 6:30 this morning was torture especially since my usual going to sleep time during those 8 days was sometime after midnight usually sometime closer to 2 am. So my body clock is so not in work sleep mode (if that makes sense).

I tried to be good last night and went to bed shortly before 11 but once again despite my best efforts, it was nearly 1 I think before I actually fell asleep and I think I snoozed my alarm 5 or 6 times this morning before finally getting up.

Had Netball training last night. Last training before our first game this Saturday. It's been an extremely long pre-season so I am really looking forward to getting out on the court this Saturday. The one thing I am worried about is the uniform. It was already potentially going to be a little small but the plan was to lose at least 5 maybe 10 kg during pre- season and that has not happened. Not to mention after all the crap I have eaten over Easter ( way too many creme eggs :-p), I think I have put on weight. The worst part is that I literally will not find out until about an hour or so before the game as the uniforms are not yet ready and won't be until friday. So till then, I think it will be a very lean 3 days.


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